Friday, July 9, 2010

Dark chocolate - cardiovascular protection of God

Chocolate is one food everyone likes. The entrance to the sweet, nutritious and versatile. In general, the main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa fat. Cocoa beans in terms of fat content, to dark chocolate for the top grade, while milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate sandwich, followed slightly. In fact, dark chocolate has a high nutritional value in addition, there are some interesting health care.

First of all, dark chocolate rich in flavonoids and flavonoid "cocoa polyphenol", a composition with antioxidant activity. Polyphenol content of more taste more bitter. Polyphenols can promote the body to produce nitric oxide, which enables the heart, brain blood vessels to dilate, thereby reducing vascular resistance, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and can increase the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular flow. In general, oral 7 g dark chocolate can lower systolic blood pressure of about 2.9mmHg, diastolic blood pressure decreased approximately 1.9mmHg. In contrast, other types of chocolate such role is less clear.

Secondly, the role of dark chocolate has a puzzle, can improve memory, prevent elderly amnesia. It also can increase the glycogen, increase energy reserves, anti-fatigue. In addition, dark chocolate contains tannins can inhibit plaque, with anti-caries effect. Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, this element has a sedative, antidepressant effect.

Although chocolate has a good health effect, however, can not eat at any time, consumption should be aware of the following during the two issues.

First, dark chocolate and milk should not be the same drink. Because chocolate contains oxalate, easy and milk in the formation of calcium oxalate and calcium binding emissions from the urine, thereby reducing the body's intake of calcium.

Second, women with migraines do not greedy chocolate. Because it contains serotonin can induce migraine attacks.

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