Friday, July 9, 2010

Hypertension and diet

1. Carbohydrate foods

Appropriate food - rice, congee, noodles, pasta, arrowroot soup, taro class, soft beans
Should avoid foods - sweet potatoes (abdominal gas produced food), dry beans, biscuits class Sauvignon

2. Protein foods

Appropriate food - fat less food (meat tenderizer meat, cattle, pigs, lean meat, white meat fish), eggs, milk and milk products (cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese), soy products (tofu, natto , soybean flour, fried bean curd, vegetable silk tofu).

Should avoid foods - fatty food (cattle, pigs, pork, row flesh, whale meat, herring, eel, tuna, etc.), processed products (sausages, etc.).

3. Fat foods

Suitable for food - vegetable oil, a small amount of butter, salad dressing.
Should avoid the food - animal oil, raw lard, bacon, oil sardine

4. Vitamins, minerals, food

Appropriate food - vegetables (spinach, cabbage, carrot, tomato, lily root, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber less fiber), fruits (apples, peaches, oranges, pears, grapes, watermelons, etc.), seaweed, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables raw produce abdominal gas, must be soft-boiled or made sauce.
Should avoid foods - fiber hard vegetables (Gobo, bamboo shoots, corn), irritation intensity vegetables (spicy vegetables such as mustard, onion, celery class).

5. Other food

Appropriate food - light black tea, yogurt drinks.
Should avoid the food - spices (pepper, mustard, curry powder, alcoholic beverages, coffee, strong tea, etc.), carbonated drinks, salted food (pickle category, salty salmon, salted fish sub, fishy roe, sugar, soy sauce, boiled vegetables , pickles category).

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