Monday, July 12, 2010

Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease eat onion

Onion dishes in Europe and the United States known as the "Queen", has high medicinal value, according to modern medical research shows that the performance of its medicinal value in:

Blood pressure lowering effect
Onion contains prostaglandins in reducing blood pressure, prevent thrombosis, protect the brain and heart and other major organs have an important role in life. So far, scientists have discovered, only the onion is the vegetable with prostaglandins. Onion in Japan has become a blood pressure of hypertension patients eager to eat food. Japanese scholars believe that after years of research: long-term stability of blood pressure can eat onion, reduce blood vessel fragility, human arteries have a good protection.

Anti-arteriosclerosis, reduce thrombosis
Onions contain flavonoids, which is the general term for a class of plant pigments, known as the "Quercetin", which protects the heart performance is particularly great. University of Wisconsin medical professor Dr. John • Folz, it is an antioxidant. Can prevent oxygen and low-density lipoproteins (if a combination of both, attached to the vessel wall, impeding blood flow). In addition, it can reduce the platelet viscosity. Tests have shown that eating onions, the platelet viscosity can be reduced 34%. Long-term eating onions, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce thrombosis. Onions have cleared the role of intravascular clot, onion onions contained abnormal blood coagulation factors can reduce the risk, lower blood cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, which can be used to control atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

Lower blood lipids
Onion almost no fat, it contains two rare propyl disulfide, and soluble fibrin can activate the activity of blood components. These substances are strong vasodilator, can reduce the peripheral vascular and coronary artery resistance and confrontation in vivo role of catecholamines and other pressor substances.

Containing selenium
Selenium is an antioxidant, and its special role is to make the body produce a lot of glutathione. The physiological function of glutathione is the oxygen for cell respiration, high concentrations of glutathione, would significantly reduce the incidence of cancer, it is also anti-cancer food onion.

If every day to eat 50-100 grams of onion on blood pressure, maintaining normal blood lipids can play a good role, it is recommended in patients with cardiovascular try.

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