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From cardiovascular disease, lifestyle changes

Into the 21st century, cardiovascular disease has gradually increased as the number one killer of human life threatening. Journalists have heard a doctor feeling that once the onset of some cardiovascular diseases, the rapidly fatal, life does not give any chance, these words were chilling. Therefore, cardiovascular disease, prevention is essential. National experts Professor Hu Dayi, said many people are not dying no money, but from ignorance.

Gao Xiumin Ku, season, Hou Yaowen ... ... All these literary celebrities have died suddenly, shocking and sad that reason, they all died of cardiovascular disease. According to related statistics, cardiovascular disease, the mortality rate far higher than the cancer, has become a health hazard to human life the first killer.

19, the domestic well-known expert on cardiovascular health education expert Professor Hu Dayi came to Luoyang, the reporter in the morning in the River Section of their junior affiliated hospital had an exclusive interview, Professor Hu believes that the idea of establishing health, training health way of life, physical and mental health is very important, reporters will be finishing this interview as to readers.

"Heart" disease and heart disease

Reporter (hereinafter referred to mind): I saw some of your writings, I referred to "heart disease" can lead to heart disease, heart disease can lead to "heart disease", specifically how to understand this "two hearts" concept?

Professor Hu (hereinafter referred to as Hu): where "heart" refers to mental health, heart disease is physical illness. Currently, people are more health conscious, but often overlooked mental health problems.但 with economic development and job market competition becoming increasingly fierce, more and more of the people Chengshou Zhao from work, Xue Xi, all aspects of life, Deng enormous pressure Daozhijiaolv, insomnia, fatigue and other circumstances happening, but it for mental health buried a huge hidden problem has gradually emerged, the most typical diseases in the world depression in the rapid rise in the rankings, second only to heart disease and even become a big disease.

Note: So, psychological stress and mental illness will bring great harm to physical health?

Hu: It can be said, a serious mental illness is induced significant risk factors for physical disease. To return to the question, "heart disease" can lead to heart disease, namely anxiety, depression can induce, aggravate heart disease. Because long-term mental stress may induce myocardial ischemia, and depression are often influenced by emotional factors, things could not get any interest, do not care about good health, even if there is physical disease will not well with the treatment, psychological problems serious harm to physical health treatment.

Heart disease can cause "heart disease", that can cause or aggravate cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety and other emotions. Acute myocardial infarction, for example, because the disease is often sudden, high mortality rate, when patients with serious medical rescue work attitude and the tension will give patients psychological leave my shadow, little knowledge is more likely in patients with the disease to enhance fear Thus, patients very susceptible to psychological anxiety, depression and other emotions.

Reporter: So, how to enhance mental health training and adjustments?

HU: formation of fast-paced city life often stay up late, eating unhealthy convenience of fast food and other living habits, laws, good lifestyle is essential. If poor sleep, poor appetite, poor physical condition are vulnerable to low mood, causing depression. In the case of conditional acceptance can be more sunlight, ultraviolet light can be more or less appropriate to improve a person's mood, and more physical activity can be unexpected mood to relax.

All aspects of modern pressure, if very easy to "depressing", should check their own values and life goals, recurrent low mood, it may actually do not commensurate with the goals, which would easily lead to depression. No matter how busy, but also the appropriate self-decompression, do the things they like to feel relaxed, not to see anything too heavy, so their break through, "name" and "benefits" relationship, so can be happy, from mental illness.

If the depression is very serious, need to regular hospitals for specialized treatment, with the use of antidepressant drugs, there will be good results.

Disease in old age, onset in young people

Reporter: We know that cardiovascular disease, most patients are elderly, not young people can temporarily do not concern the prevention of these diseases?

Hu: The idea is that a serious misunderstanding. Many people only busy young career, ignoring health problems in age emerging diseases, in fact, the root cause of early planted at a young age. Do not think that young people with stroke and nothing to do with the onset of atherosclerosis in young people, education, disease prevention than young adults to prevent 20 times after the start. So I often say that disease prevention and health awareness to children 4 years of age, to strengthen the culture. Children plasticity, should cultivate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, such as refusing "junk food" and tobacco, to prevent the indulgence computer and television.

A U.S. research institute warned that the old bulbs in front of the TV and computer new young generation grow up, got a great chance of heart disease, if not pay attention to diet and exercise, like fast food and low nutrition junk food, which may lead to health deteriorating, more and more people die from coronary heart disease at a young age.

Pay no attention to rules and nutritionally balanced diet, resulting in the emergence of many obese children, life, the first 10 years of obesity will result in two to three years of age in a variety of pathogenic factors in the blood appeared, such as blood lipid and blood sugar, deposited vessel wall fatty streak formation and development to the 34-year-old, may develop into a myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac infarction, may also be on show for the first incidence of sudden death, there is no opportunity for treatment. Therefore, the prevention of various diseases, should the sooner the better.

In addition, smoking is repugnant pieces of things, it is mankind's heavyweight killer, so this should not have got the disease so that early-onset late-onset illness, and must allow kids to develop away from the tobacco habit .

Paradoxical movement out of Misunderstanding

Reporter: You said that appropriate exercise is conducive to mental and physical health, then prevention of cardiovascular disease, what the best exercise?

Hu: Aerobic exercise is the cornerstone of health, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, Yangko, and so on. These features are low intensity, rhythmic, uninterrupted, long time, can improve human health importance of cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular function, control high blood pressure, increase blood Zong Liang, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis to reduce excess body fat, improve mental status, increased compression capability. Therefore, to find a suitable aerobic exercise and develop plans to adhere to exercise, heart and soul of the health boost.

Reporter: There are many benefits of exercise, more and more people are now starting to focus on exercise, exercise common point of view of ordinary people the error of what?

Hu: Many people think that the bigger the better exercise intensity, this is the wrong point of view. In general, the 100 m race and so time is short, intensive campaign of anaerobic metabolism, can not effectively improve the human cardiovascular system, but will greatly increase chances of getting hurt. If students with poor or suffering from high blood pressure people to do such a campaign could also lead to disease and accidents at the same time, excessive exercise is not conducive to weight loss, because body fat reduction, more crucial is the duration of exercise. Fitness perseverance, not speed.

Morning and learn well than the evening, this view is incorrect. Morning person's blood pressure high blood cohesion high thrombosis risk also increased, is the high incidence of heart disease, the elderly and patients with cardiovascular disease, a better choice evening practice, but obese people choose Morning better. Therefore to be treated differently.

The most dangerous form of the error view is: that physical exercise to overcome the physical discomfort and pain, pain will be effective. Remember, if in motion dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath or fatigue, should immediately suspend campaign, especially the elderly, should go to hospital for treatment, to guard against accidents, resulting in regret.

Stop the movement, make fat, many people in favor of this view. In fact, the key to fat calories than the calories consumed, as long as the master of both balance and attention to diet and nutrition with, this situation could be avoided.

There are a lot of fat people think that as long as no sick, do not have to exercise to lose weight, this is a misconception. Obesity diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the risk of fatty liver were 3 times the common people, 2 to 3 times and 7 times, if not early diet, enhance aerobic exercise, and other diseases have occurred too late to regret .

Prevention of cardiovascular disease should focus on key

Reporter: You said that the most fundamental of cardiovascular disease prevention, as we have from all perspectives, the prevention of such diseases, then the prevention of cardiovascular disease, the most important thing is what?

Hu: prevention of cardiovascular disease, the most important thing is good blood pressure, blood fat, stay away from tobacco.

People with high blood pressure, heart beats, it takes more effort to pump the blood into the vascular, cardiac overload work long hours will lead to cardiac hypertrophy and reducing efficiency, the last to failure. And high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, kidney and eye damage, do not control blood pressure in hypertensive patients, coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke risk is multiplied to increase. Most high blood pressure need to diet, exercise and drug combination therapy. Note that eating less salt, eat eight full, balanced nutrition, more exercise, and to support drug treatment needs to be noted that a process of drug buck, You Shishu weeks can best be used, so do not Guodu frequent Genghuanyisheng and drugs.

Dyslipidemia intervention is primary prevention of myocardial infarction in the top priority. Is the blood lipid cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids in general, high cholesterol, will significantly increase the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, especially coronary heart disease risk of myocardial infarction. Dyslipidemia in patients with attention usually eat fruits and vegetables, cereal grains, limiting high-calorie, low nutrition and salt, alcohol intake, limit fat, high cholesterol and high yolk fatty food intake, in addition to the with drug treatment.

Let me say smoking. If a person has coronary heart disease genetic predisposition, so non-smokers 60 years of age may be coronary heart disease, smoking may be sick if earlier age to 40 years old, smoking makes the disease much earlier time. Myocardial infarction patients was about 10% in mortality, smoking can increase mortality rates several times, and passive smoking to smokers of wives and children suffering from cardiovascular disease, the risk of death increased by 2 times, so quit without delay, the sooner the better. In the smoking cessation process may take part in outdoor sports, through a busy shift their attention more to allow smoking in public places, take a deep breath to relieve stress, quit smoking and not smoking in early multi-friend contacts, and so on. Develop healthy habits to prevent flooding, from illness distress.

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