Friday, July 9, 2010

The results show that: vinegar can lower blood pressure

Vinegar can be considered as the most healthy condiments, eating properly can not only beauty, weight loss, but also can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stroke and other diseases. For hypertensive patients, the table may wish to set the regular vinegar PICKLES, Vinegar dish.

Osaka University of Foreign Studies Health Management Center has conducted an experiment, researchers gave a daily consumption of the composition in hypertensive patients with 15-30 ml of vinegar drinks. After 8 weeks, found that blood pressure in patients than in the other group of patients not taking vinegar drink a certain degree of decline in blood pressure.

Therefore, patients with normal blood pressure should eat more vinegar. Vinegar mixed with stinging head, hot and sour Guatiao, Vinegar potato silk, motorcoach, all the delicious dishes suitable for patients with hypertension. Even people without hypertension, the appropriate cooking time add a little vinegar can not only increase the appetite, help digestion, but can soften blood vessel, to prevent deposition of impurities within the blood vessels to prevent hypertension.

In addition, the now popular fruit vinegar is also good for health drinks hypertensive patients, its taste is more gentle than the vinegar flavor, and rich in minerals, potassium, helps to flush out excess sodium, long-term drinking can take the to the auxiliary step-down effect.

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